that wasn't a wrong turn that you just made... 

Cedar Springs Church is located on 38 acres of rolling farmland.  When you drive in past our sign, you’ll notice some of the many animals that live here. As you park, you may even notice some construction going on. That’s our new arena where where we’ll provide year-round Equine therapy. It will also be another source of shelter for some of our animals.  As you enter the old steel building that we lovingly call Church, you’ll be warmly greeted. Please help yourself to some coffee and maybe some home baked treats. The Nursery and Children’s Church will be to your left and to your right is where we worship.

We’re a pretty casual bunch so don’t worry about what you should wear.

There are tables if you like to take notes and enjoy a bit more fellowship. There’s also plenty of seating set up in rows for those who prefer that.  Our non-denominational worship service is contemporary and you will enjoy relevant messages based on the teachings of the Bible.

To us at Cedar Springs, it’s not so much about having a fancy building in which to worship our Lord. It’s more about having a place where we learn to be imitators of Jesus—loving and serving “the least of these”-the broken, the marginalized, and frustrated. Perhaps you tried church and left because it was boring, stuffy, or cold.  At Cedar Springs you will experience a totally different atmosphere. Hugs, clapping, laughter, uplifted hands draw us close to God as we sing His praises. We guarantee you won’t sleep through the music or the message. And, occasionally an animal or two just might be invited in during worship.