Hilltribes Resource & Development Center

Cedar Springs has joined hands with a thriving mission coordinated by indigenous tribal Christians in northern Thailand. Born out of a response to the growing sex trafficking issue, particularly of very young girls, the Center’s mission is to eradicate trafficking by providing basic living needs, education, vocational training and health care. Missionary Tete's answer to this nightmarish issue is, "Prevention is better than cure."  Cedar Springs provides financial support for children to attend school and to learn about Jesus. 

Over the years many Cedar Springers have sponsored children.  Currently, the church sponsors a young woman in nursing school and a young boy who aspires to be a policeman.  If you are interested in child sponsorship, please contact Karen Bass.

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Two of Missionary Tete's adopted boys.

Tete, her daughter Missy who had just graduated university, Missy's fiancee.  Back row; Soradaet, Tete's husband and Sitakharn, Missy's brother.  The entire family serves at the mission.

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