For Cedar Springs Equine Healing Center

Saturday, August 29th

Noon - 5:00 PM

Top off Summer with this


In addition to great music,

you can enjoy:

Supervised Horseback Riding

Small animal Petting Zoo with alpacas, llamas, miniature goats, miniature donkey and miniature horses.

Food and beverages will be sold.

Silent Auction

Since 9-11, our country's sense of security and optimism has been shattered.  It seems that each passing year brings more upheaval and suffering into our culture.  PTSD to our vulnerable little ones born drug or alcohol addicted, n one seems to be exempt. 

It is our hope that Cedar Springs Equine Healing Center will become part of the solution to what plagues us today.

The best therapist may have four legs and says nothing at all, except "neigh".

For centuries the bond developed between humans and their horses has been like no other.  A "horse person" will tell you a bad day goes away when spent with a horse.

Cedar Springs Equine Healing Center will be offering this therapy opportunity as soon as the interior of our new barn is completed and trained personnel are in place.  Currently the barn needs electrical, plumbing and indoor arena completion. 

Will you join us in making the Equine Healing Center a reality in the coming months?  Your gifts in any amount will help.  Thank you so much for your support!

You can learn more about equine therapy online:


Join us for an evening of music and dancing

Opening for the Britins is

the Cedar Springs Praise Band