About Us

Cedar Springs is a Christian non-denominational church with the mission of bringing the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to all who seek a relationship with Him.


Cedar Springs Church is located on 38 acres of rolling farmland in Slinger, Wisconsin. Our desire is to use all of our land to bring God glory and build His kingdom.


We desire to provide an atmosphere where broken lives can be mended and empty hearts can be filled with the freeing and transforming love of Jesus Christ. We are a safe place where “No Perfect People Are Allowed.”  

What to Expect

You won't find any typical "church" buildings here, as you drive onto our property. Instead you'll find a repurposed, old steel barn that that we worship in as a Church family. As you enter, you'll be warmly greeted. Please help yourself to some coffee and maybe some home baked treats. The Nursery and Children’s Church will be to your left and to your right is where we worship. We’re a pretty casual bunch so don’t worry about what you should wear. You'll find plenty of seating set up in rows. Our non-denominational worship service is contemporary and you will enjoy relevant messages based on the teachings of the Bible.

To us at Cedar Springs, it’s not so much about having a fancy building in which to worship our Lord. It’s more about having a place where we learn to be imitators of Jesus—loving and serving “the least of these”-the broken, the marginalized, and frustrated. Perhaps you tried church and left because it was boring, stuffy, or cold.  At Cedar Springs you will experience a totally different atmosphere. Hugs, clapping, laughter, uplifted hands draw us close to God as we sing His praises. We guarantee you won’t sleep through the music or the message. And, occasionally an animal or two just might be invited in during worship.

Animals play a key role in the life of Cedar Springs. Horses, donkeys, goats, llamas, and alpacas find Cedar Springs acreage to be a picture of God’s “peaceable Kingdom.”  Not only are they well cared for, but they are loved on, petted and fed before and after services. These amazing animals provide hands-on lessons in God’s creation during the four weeks of Outdoor Adventure Day Camp, where nearly 400 kids from southeastern Wisconsin get to experience a week of fun and adventure in the great outdoors surrounded by all of God's creation.


Elsewhere on our property, you'll also find a late-19th  century farmhouse where we hold Bible Studies and other activities. With God's guidance and the generosity of church members and friends, we also have a new facility which will provide shelter and space for year-round equine therapy, for individuals with PTSD and special needs.

What We Believe

Cedar Springs is a Christian non-denominational church with the mission of bringing the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to all who seek a relationship with Him.

We are a seeker-passionate church that designs its Sunday ministries to be a welcoming place of worship for the unchurched. We are a non-denominational Christian church that is very orthodox in our teaching and our stand on God’s Word, but we are not bound by walls of human tradition or practice. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to convey the unchanging message of Jesus Christ in creative, relevant ways that will impact the hearts of people today.

  • We believe and teach the whole Bible and worship the one true God who has shown Himself in the persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that a personal relationship with Christ and full devotion to Him characterize every believer.

  • We believe that the church provides an atmosphere and opportunity for life-change to occur.

  • We believe that each Christ-follower is given one or more spiritual gifts and should be invited to discover and serve in areas where they may grow in those gifts.

  • We desire to be authentic Christ-followers, living our faith in our homes, in the church, and in the marketplace, modeling the love of Jesus in serving, in thought, in word, and in deed. We believe that Christ-followers should pursue continuous spiritual growth.

  • We believe that loving relationships should flow through every aspect of church life.

  • We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

  • We desire believers to grow in a Godly attitude in the sharing of spiritual and material gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I welcome here?

Everyone is welcome at Cedar Springs Church! Whether you have been going to church since you were young or this is your first time ever; whether you come every week or you have been away for awhile! We want you to join us on this wonderful journey! We will learn together, grow together, celebrate together and mourn together….together with each other and together with Jesus Christ.

How do I become a member of Cedar Springs Church?

Everyone who walks in the door and attends Cedar Springs Church is a part of our church family.  We all grow together in fellowship to follow Jesus Christ.

Why don't you take a collection at church?

Giving should not be an obligation you feel pressured to do. Instead we have placed “Joy Boxes” around the worship area. The Bible tells us to joyfully tithe a portion of what we have earned. If Cedar Springs Church is the church you regularly attend, you should put your offerings in the ‘Joy Box”.

Do you offer communion?

Yes, once each month communion is offered at Cedar Springs Church. Everyone who believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins is welcome to participate. Both wine and grape juice are offered – the wine is red and the grape juice is white.  We also serve gluten free bread.

Why do the walls look like cotton candy? 

Our worship building used to be a barn! Because of that, the walls were thin and lacked insulation. The white cotton on the walls Is insulation that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Although it is fun to look at…try not to touch!

Is Cedar Springs going to build a new worship building?

Cedar Springs Church is focused on people, not buildings. Most of our budget is spent on helping people through programming and services. We try to spend as little as possible on our physical buildings. Jesus was born in a stable and did his ministry face-to-face with people. Our buildings will grow to fit our needs, but you should never expect a fancy state-of-the-art building at Cedar Springs.

Are the trails on the property open to the public?

Yes…we hope you take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery God has provided for us at Cedar Springs. Not only is there a wonderful pavilion with picnic tables that can be reserved; but there are also marked “inspirational” trails around the property.

Meet Our Leaders & Elders

Karen Bass - Founder

Submitting to God's call to start up a "church without walls" and Cedar Springs Church was born. Today, she leads women's Bible studies and